How to Hire a Structural Engineer

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Structural Engineer

The selection of a good structural engineer is a critical component to the construction, operational efficiency and overall cost of the structure. Basically, structural engineering is a field which deals with the design as well as analysis of structures, particularly those that must support or resist loads. A structural engineer will play different roles during a construction project. Primarily, the expert will ensure that the building satisfies the requirements for safety, performance and serviceability by creating and assessing the designs. Here are the main factors to consider before hiring a structural engineer.


Experience, quality construction documents and competitive pricing are key for any structural engineer to stay in business. Experience should be measured by how many projects have been done in the specific area in which your project requires expertise.

Financial Sustainability

You cannot engage the contractor for only the preliminary designing process. Once both parties have signed the contract, the association will typically be a long-term one until the project is concluded. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your preferred firm is financially sustainable before hire. This will prevent future problems such as project cost overruns, the retrenchment of key experts in your project and delays. 

Registered Professional Engineer

Each state requires licenses to be obtained by structural engineers so they become eligible to seal engineering drawings and take legal responsibility for the engineering work and calculations, which then allows them to submit the proper documents to apply for a building permit. In the United States, a Professional Engineer status is granted after graduating from an accredited university, passing the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination, accumulating a set amount of experience and completing the Principles and Practice in Engineering (PE) exam.

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